Entire Auckland suburbs could be left without public transport services

Auckland Council is warning that funding reductions to transport could see entire suburbs without public transport services, after approving its submission for the government's proposed transport policy.

3/27/20241 min read

city skyline near body of water during sunset
city skyline near body of water during sunset

The council's Transport and Infrastructure committee went over the governing body's submission for the draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport today.

The draft statement was proposing to reduce national public transport funding by 10 percent compared to 2021.

Council asked for sufficient funding to be allocated to public transport in order to maintain existing services and deliver on planned improvements.

It said otherwise that could mean hiked fares, a 30 percent drop in services, as well as increased congestion at peak times.

Council was concerned there would not be enough funding to support existing costs and improved services, with the potential shortfall in funding from the New Zealand Transport Agency ranging between $80 million and $500 million.

Fixing the shortfall with hiked fares alone would result in anywhere from a 22 percent to a 136 percent increase.

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